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RPOW – Consensus will provide more transactions per second with less energy consumption and will not be so demanding on the technical level of mining equipment.

Gradually, this creates a useful blockchain economic system to improve industrial efficiency. What is Usechain Project? It is your obligation to periodically visit the Website to review any changes that may be made to this Privacy Policy. This is a platform that provides future technology infrastructure for the parallel and virtual world. Usechain will allow for mining.

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  • Hardware-Based Performance Improvement
  • Privacy-Protected Identity Application
  • Boundaryless Identity Ecosystem
  • Top Business School Supported

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Usechain aims to improve blockchain performance, by minimizing all technical barriers in the mass market, providing an efficient support process and identity-based transaction management. Everyone around the world can join the Usechain ecosystem. Also, Usechain is also supported by commercial and academic resources from top business schools. Information Collected by Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: Company and company service providers use various technologies to collect information when you interact with the Website, including cookies and web beacons. At the same time, it offers a perfect balance between scale, decentralization, and security.

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The platform provides the infrastructure supported by MIP, as the underlying technical support exploration for the development of Dapps in various fields.

Currently, Usechain is creating blockchain identities built on the new technical structure. He will hold thousands of applications based on identity and credit in the future. The platform makes it possible to transform assets, organizations, and people into identity tokens. Usechain platform is created on a high-performance, user-friendly basis. It applies Zero Proof, encryption mechanism, multi-level authentication, Identity Transaction Sharding (ITS), Identity Network Sharding (INS), Enhanced Smart Contract, Identity Virtual Machine (IVM), and so on.

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In the Usechain platform, is also introduced – shading technology.

Thus, the platform will provide a high level of security, high-speed performance and productivity, as well as reduce the consumption of electricity consumed. The First Mirror Identity BlockchainFirst Mirror Identity Blockchain Crowd-sale starts Usechain will promote any commercial project development in its ecosystem along with application platforms in leading industry and trade. The infrastructure focuses on single identity mapping, thereby increasing the number of applications requiring identity. Usechain can overcome the Impossible Trinity of a new dimension of identity.

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A unique identification system that will provide the opportunity to interact with the user only with his personal information, applications and resources.

Usechain described its work as “identification based on mirror identity.” The Usechain platform is built with a focus on mass use. The main aim of creating the token is to give an opportunity for all participants to be involved in the building of the entire community. Thanks to its multi-level innovation in structural design and technology, Usechain is superior to today’s mainstream public blockade such as EOS, ETH, and BTC. How does Usechain work? A new blockchain project Usechain is to become the first-ever Blockchain Ecosystem in achieving self-sovereign identity and for individuals and institutions.

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Usechain is the first public blockchain built on Mirror Identity Protocol (MIP) and is combined with multi-level innovation, both in technology and structural design.

The platform is built with secure and sophisticated infrastructure. Usechain focus introduces random work evidence and new consensus mechanisms, to balance high performance and robust security. It should be noted that Usechain can be applied in a variety of resources, where you want to bind a specific block of personal content to the individual. The platform accepts token purchases using ETH and BTC.