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The team plan to achieve this by creating a network for off-chain transactions using state channels, the scalability concept similar to Raiden Network for Ethereum and Lightning Network for Bitcoin.

Token distribution: 50% available for Public Sale 25% for the Team 20% for Development, Marketing, Ecosystem Incentives, “etc.” They want to create a highly scalable, low cost, and low latency first mobile network infrastructure for Ethereum. Bitcointalk: 12 • Build a highly scalable, low-cost, low-latency first mobile network infrastructure for Ethereum. The team intends to do this by creating a state channel off-chain network similar to the Raiden Network for Ethereum and the Lightning Network for Bitcoin.

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  • Accepted Payment: ETH, BTC
  • Max Token Supply: 100,000,000
  • KYC (Know Your Customer): Yes
  • Pre-Sale: Completed
  • Public Sale: Ongoing
  • Website:

Difficulties Combated – Issues Compiling Ethereum platform into mobile network devices is not feasible with current technology.

GoNetwork is the first platform in its way, allowing users to make quick and inexpensive transactions via mobile devices. GoNetwork is a low cost and highly scalable first mobile network infrastructure for Ethereum. On the topic of the platform’s team, the individuals responsible for GoNetwork is an extremely experienced and skilled one. The GoNetwork token is called GoToken (GOT), and is ERC20 compliant.

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Introducing GoNetwork GoNetwork is creating a low-cost, low-latency and highly scalable network for Ethereum that can not only be used on desktops, but also on mobile and web platforms.

Etherisc is a company registered in Germany that is issuing a token that will be known as DIP on the Ethereum blockchain. With top-notch security features thanks to the blockchain technology, GoNetwork protects developers and users from fraud in trading. This gives GoNetwork the advantage of being used on a large network and work faster the more users within its platform. GoNetwork is set to implement scalable solutions, and booster Ethereum network bringing it to the masses.

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The GoNetwork team claims that GoExchange already has an alpha (first release) version and have a link called ‘Try MVP’ on their website.

Prior to this, the GoNetwork team had created various mobile games, including Happy Park, a game that had once entered a weekly Top Ten list of top-grossing iOS games. But for the time-challenged among you, here’s a summary of the issues raised, and how the GoNetwork team has responded to them. The GoNetwork team has conveniently ignored these questions also, except stating that once their smart contract is live, a vesting schedule will be posted. GoNetwork plans to solve Ethereum’s problem through creating state channel.

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• GoNetwork was a winner of ETHWaterloo which is a largest global Ethereum hackathon in the world, with the participants coming from 32 countries.

There are also ample screenshots taken from Telegram conversations with the GoNetwork team, and their response has been unsatisfactory, to say the least. GoNetwork plans to use its network to start a virtual goods exchange platform for Infinidy mobile games (Infinidy is game developer founded by the GoNetwork CEO). Disclosure, I will be compensated in GoTokens for providing advisory and consulting services to the GoNetwork team. The GoNetwork team responded by stating that the information is available in the (now non-existent) whitepaper.

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Scalability for mobile computing, variable smart contract execution, and off-chain scaling through the GoNetwork platform are all features of the project.

Gonetwork is a network solution that aims to make Ethereum fast with low latency and a vastly scalable ecosystem. As mentioned above, the GoNetwork team hasn’t made any updates to its code on GitHub for over three months now. The company’s prime objective is to build a mobile first network for Ethereum ERC20 tokens that is off chain. • GoNetwork prime objective is to build a fast, cheap and scalable mobile first off-chain transaction network for Ethereum. The team behind GoNetwork sees mobile accessibility and interoperability as the keys to achieving this. GoNetwork seeks to adopt technologies and incentives to alleviate the limitations of mobile computing platforms, and hence making cryptocurrencies accessible to the masses.