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Jungwon Yu Head of Business Development GS Shop CoE(Center of Excellence), Founder of Ensight Media, Inc., Yahoo!Korea, Naver, Daum, CyWorld, Samsung SDS, Yonsei Univ.

Pre-blockchain this would all be done with paper or self developed apps. Carry makes private information honest for shoppers, entrepreneurs and retailers. The store would have the choice to sell it at market rates immediately or to have it transferred to their own wallet. The team has proven itself to be able to create a product, but I don’t think this product will have too much of an influence, yet. In its current state though, crypto is not widely used amongst retailers or demanded by consumers to be offered as a payment type.

Buy Carry Protocol ICO Whitelist

Based on the data, they could tailor custom coupons or discounts to offer to their customers.

Available Tokens for sale 0 % Overall, we are neutral about the flipping potential of the ICO but like its long-term potential. Carry Protocol is a sister business to Spoqa, a Korean retail POS company and distributor. At its heart is an incentive mechanism that drives consumers to Carry merchant stores. Carry Protocol will offer these types of services and more in their upcoming ICO and POS integration. Consumers can use it as currency to pay merchants within the Carry ecosystem.

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Shoppers obtain CRE from third celebration advertisers, as fee for accessing the shoppers’ transaction information blockchains. Retailers use it to create branded tokens or sensible contracts. For all of our beliefs about future use and adoption of crypto, cash is king and will be for the foreseeable future. Young Kang Product designer Product designer of Spoqa, shipped OFL typeface Spoqa Han Sans, 5+ years experience in digital interface, web typography design, growth hacking, and front-end development. In this video, Coin Crunch reviews the upcoming Carry Protocol ICO.

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The project is run by successful entrepreneurs and the use of CRE tokens makes sense for the business.

Hong Minhee Developer Developer of Spoqa, keynote speaker of PyCon.KR 2017, created interface description language and compiler for high-level backend developers, internationalization libraries, and APIs. Bridge IAM tokens fuel the storefronts that offer identity services, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solutions and access legal services providers on the blockchain. Users will initially be able to pay with BTC, ETH, and CRE, the token issued for Carry Protocol’s ICO. Swen Mun Lead Developer CTO of Spoqa, full-stack programmer, experience in database protection and encryption. CRE (pronounced “carry”) is the primary token within the Carry Protocol.

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Thus, I’m very worried about the long-term growth and use of Carry Protocol.

More so, Spoqa is Korean/Asia based and does not have any footprint in Europe. The first is providing crypto currency POS transaction capability across all of their devices. Second, while I love the idea of branded tokens, it’s not a widely used method of client retention.. yet. 10,000 systems may sound like a big number, but it’s not. Conventional brick-and-mortar retail is a $25 trillion trade, capturing a minimum of 90% of all retail spending.

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As a Carrier, you will help us carry and spread the message of the Carry Protocol.

So far, their enabled iPad devices are located in more than 10,000 stores across Korea. Below the Carry Protocol, your transaction information turns into a commodity you management. If ultimately instituted, retailers would disintermediate payment processors and gateways, lowering costs and speeding up escrow and settlement. Bridge is constantly evolving to answer the needs of businesses and individuals.