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[Main contribution proposal]: 1) Stablecoin SDUSD - sdusd is a cryptocurrency issued on the platform of Alchemint with the mortgage of neo and other digital assets.

Under this mechanism, the legal tender of sdusd, take USD as exam-ple, is set to the rate of 1:1 initially. The SDT token that will be issued by Alchemint is initially a smart contract platform on and offers automated feedback mechanism and appropriate external incentives. The public will be able to view the size of collateral in the Alchemint system at all times. Alchemint is a decentralized price-stable cryptocurrency management system run on the NEO blockchain. Alchemint may be useful in not just on cryptocurrency trading exchanges but as an unfairly means of facilitating payment on Dapps.

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Alchemint, a new digital currency being built on the NEO chain will begin its token sale on 12th June.

One of these days, a former high ranking Federal Reserve official is eventually going to join a stable coin team further cementing the legitimacy of such a project. Alchemint also needs real time market price of sdusd to detemine the adjustment of incentive mechanism. It may also be a welcome sign as the NEO council is a part of the advisors on the project. ), digitized “real world” assets. The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to ICOholder and ICOholder has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion).

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Refer to Alchemint’s whitepaper to find out more about the Oracle – the network’s real time price evaluator for liquidation thresholds.

Stable coins have been very popular in 2018, as various projects attempt to address the issue of cryptocurrency volatility to encourage their adoption for everyday purchases. For flipping, not very interesting, you have a very long vesting time, and tokens are given out per 3 months in batches. In the beginning, there was NEO Alchemint will accept NEO as the only form of collateral at first. 2) Smart Assets Reserve - SAR is the most important technical component in Alchemint. It is a smart contract based on NeoContract.

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ICO Token Price: 0.08 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO

[Main problems tackled]: Alchemint is not controlled by any individuals or organizations. One crucial component of the smart economy is their ability to succeed. As SDUSD deviates from this threshold a feedback mechanism will be triggered. ~Page 7, Alchemist English whitepaper The mechanics of Alchemint The closest analog I can find to Alchemint is a decentralized version of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Those include other digital currencies (btc, eth, e.g.

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Women are Increasingly Getting Involved in Crypto Investments: Reports Indicate This ICO offers a stablecoin management system that is built on the NEO platform.

Alchemint has a complete set of risk control measures to manage the collateral’s market value so that the fluctuating will not trigger crisis of the whole system. It aims to provide a lot of fiat-pegged digital currencies through a transparent and decentralized system of collateralized assets. In addition, in the ecological environment that built by Alchemint, the potential customers Stable coins pegged to fiat currencies will then be issued in exchange for SDT tokens. With rapid Bitcoin price increases everyone is going to hoard Bitcoin as an investment.

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Watch out for this token, I think it will be a worth substitute to centralized solutions such as Tether.

For the Alchemint system, we believe that the Black Swan incidents mainly come from two aspects. Orbis aims to make Bluetooth mesh development easily accessible to third-party developers with implementations such as IoT, crowd-gathered data, digital infrastructure, logistics, Your request has been sent. One is the sudden flashback of the collateral value which leads to Alchemint’s failure in executing measures for risk control as it is hard to cope with. 5) Multiple Assets Mortgage - The collateral of Alchemint will expand to multiple digital assets in the future. Bitcoin is increasingly viewed more and more as the digital version of gold – a store of value, and not a currency. It creates high performance application-level digital currency through distributed ledger technology.