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As well, the multi-threaded architecture of Aergo nodes allows for vertical scalability through multiple cores.

The way the Aergo token smart contract interacts with entities can be tweaked at will by enterprises. Aergo will be built by Blocko (, a South Korean blockchain research and development company aiming to bring blockchain adoption to industries. The core consensus, DPoS, will depend on the Distributed Directory because it requires the metadata DDS keeps track of in order for nodes to discover new blocks. This will allow smart contracts to consume data from proprietary directory services and trigger events in external services. This year, Blocko concluded that Coinstack would not suffice because of some many pitfalls it has.

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One of which that stood out was Lotte Card, a known South Korean credit card company founded in 2002.

ICO Token Price: 0.00 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO In essence, AergoSQL allows for writing smart contracts in familiar SQL syntax. The Aergo network will be backboned by github-like public and permissioned repositories of Distributed Directories (DD). Coinstack is not flexible enough or designed to be scalable, and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (which Coinstack is based on) is incompatible with existing enterprise architecture. AergoSQL written contracts will also allow for isomorphic smart contract execution, something not possible in any other smart contract language.

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For this, Blocko received the ABS Global FinTech Award from Tharman Shanmugaratnam and Samuel Tsien, which included a reward of US$150,000.

With the git-like structure of the system and the information DDS keeps track of, only permissioned entities can access repositories to view data and access corresponding blocks. It’s clear that Blocko has quite a bit of experience developing for and dealing with enterprises. Below are an array of reasons current blockchains do not appeal to enterprises, and how Aergo will solve them. Aergo will introduce parallelism in block creation while maintaining state consistency among nodes, through the use of Deterministic Transaction Trees. These are similar to data dictionaries in databases.

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(4) Issue: Enterprises need infrastructure that can be scaled in accordance with the vast resources they have available to them.

Blocko has received $4.7mn in seed and early stage venture funding from 2015 through to 2017. Server certificates can use DDS which creates an identity for all nodes that wish to participate in the core consensus process as well. (3) Issue: Enterprises want to connect blockchain applications with external services or internal databases. The native token on the Aergo Public Chain will be used to pay for network fees, secure the network through staking, and act as a means of exchange. Aergo’s networking stack provides parallel networking fabric that serves a high number of complex nodes on both hardware and cloud environments.

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Aergo will scale using Domain-Based Partitioning which will allow for forking and merging of data amongst repositories freely, similar to Github.

Client-actors can execute smart contracts written for the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Fabric Chaincode, or AergoSQL. Using the Coinstack SDK, Blocko set up a blockchain-based biometric login and payment authorisation system for Lotte Card which was used to authenticate millions of transactions per day. I will be looking to invest big on the premise of the enterprise presence and experience Blocko has to offer. In essence, Aergo Public Chain will act as the genesis blockchain to the Aergo Protocol, a host for public services, as well as a transport relay for repository connectivity issues. Blocko used their experience working with enterprises and designed architecture that is specific, yet still flexible to fit their precise needs.

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Aergo will have a distributed file storage layer (AergoFS) designed to store large files, which can be accessed through smart oracles or dApps running on web browsers.

AergoSQL is a smart contract implementation that allows for managing, storing, and accessing blockchain data like any SQL scripting language. Blocko will be implementing smart oracles. Aergo nodes can store an unlimited amount of blocks and function as a gigantic super node on here. The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to ICOholder and ICOholder has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion).